Friday And Busy

Just like the routine I have when my husband is not here, I send and fetch Faith to and from school and every Friday, I just have to sit around the school because they are dismiss early. My husband and I went to the nearest restaurant to eat our lunch, we stayed there for a while and I want to even stay their much longer because I know how hot can it be at school but he can’t also bear the humid feeling in the restaurant too so we walk around and we went to Convenience Store to buy some snacks and water to drink in the school. We went to the school early, my husband is already getting sick, good thing that he was able to survive a day there and fetch Faith at last. We went to the mall for a while and then went home. Yeah we don’t have that time to roam around in the mall without dropping Faith to school, or go to some places without worrying who would fetch her at school. We are so busy around here, especially me, I have to clean the house, wash the dishes and all that before I can use the computer. Geez, I am busy and I am tired and I have a sick though slight only husband.

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