My Husband Is Here And He Surprised The Kids

Yes, finally my husband is here. His flight was too early than schedule so we did not wait longer. The driver told me to go near the sliding door where all the passengers go out. They are allowed to wait there since they are a hotel staff and they paid the parking space every month. It was really good to just see your husband near the glass while he is taking his baggage in the conveyor belt. What made it nicer was that I don’t have to drive because the car service in the hotel is free when you have someone to fetch in the airport.

When we arrive at the hotel, we woke the kids up right away. Faith and Mj do not know that their Daddy is coming again for about half a month this time. Right after the surprises that Daddy bought for them, we went to the restaurant right away to have breakfast. After breakfast my husband and I and Faith went outside to walk around, we told Faith we will go to the park so she can play but when we arrived there it is already close and it will open again at 1 in the afternoon. So we just went to the laundry shop to get those towels that I had sent them the other week for laundry. It took me a while to get it because I was kind a busy these past few weeks. And since we are just renting near the laundry shop it is better to get it this morning while we can.

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