Shut Down

Everyone was so surprised that some offices in the states are shutting down because of the economy crisis that they are going through. Oh well mostly though are National Parks since they are under Federal Government. My husband told me that it was not possible at all, with the status of the US now, they eventually gonna close some offices. The US president supposedly going to visit the Philippines this month but with this shutting down some offices I guess he can’t be here and that includes of some other countries that he supposed to visit this year. Philippines and the US has a good relationship, I hope that this would not affect also our economy. I mean we are already struggling with so many issues in our Government, the Pork Barrel Scam, the PDAF and DAP are still not resolving. And I guess it will take a while for it to resolve, although as they said they said the Queen of Pork Barrel is already in jail, however it doesn’t stop there. She still have so many connections who is also responsible with all of this and until now is free in the Senate.

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There was one time that I didn’t wear a watch because mine did not functioned at all, and I feel like so incomplete. I feel like going out without an armor with me. So when my watch did not function anymore, I bought a watch that was not expensive at all, however I guess I did not think wisely at that time because after two weeks of wearing it, the watch gave up, the strap was cut and the two hands did not run anymore. My husband knew of this agony  and so when he went here last June, he bought me a watch that I could wear for long and anywhere.

 photo HPIM0795_zps1d1072bc.jpg

My husband could not also live in a day without a watch, he still have the watch he is wearing from before yet he bought a match wristwatch for me and him. We wore it one time when we visited a friend here, we supposed to wear this one on our wedding anniversary but since we decided not to go out instead we spent it with our kids at home.

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My eldest watch was lost last summer, it was a gift to her on Christmas and I was really pissed off that she lost it. I told her I will not gonna buy her another one until she would find it. Obviously, it was really lost so my husband just bought another watch for her and to her younger sister as well. A white and pink watch for both of them.

 photo HPIM1579_zpsbeb80ed4.jpg

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Cooking And Gamer

I believe I know how to cook but I only have limited knowledge about it. It was proven when my husband said that the fried chicken I cooked for him tasted good. One of the fact that I really like to cook is I am so addicted with the Kitchen Scramble, while my husband is battling those monsters in Wartune I am also trying my best to move so fast so I can attend my customers in Kitchen Scramble so far I am nearly to 80 level. One thing that my husband doesn’t like of me playing is that I could wake up until wee hours just to play a game or do my blogging. I know this is so bad, because I already made a promise to myself to sleep early if I wanted to be healthy. Oh well, this time please spare me.

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We Want A Facial Spa And A Massage

I really need a facial spa this time, my pimple is gone but it leaves a mark on the top of my nose and it is dark and round so it is really obvious. I am planning about tomorrow since after we drop Faith to school, we will go to Pag-ibig to pay my contribution and the house in Ph 1 as well. I also need a solution for this bump on my fingers, it looks like mole already because of the blood that clots, and it seems like it is trapped or something. Yes I have some skin issues right now and a hypoallergenic soap could not do anything with my skin right now. I need a treatment; I hope my husband would agree with me, he also needs a massage because his neck is a bit painful due to a wrong position while lying in bed. But he don’t wanna go to just a some sort of massage parlor that offers extra services. Of course I also don’t want that, Metro Lifestyle is the first thing I have in mind but let’s see if we can do it one of these days.

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