We Pampered Ourselves

I love the feeling that after the running while watching the parade, we were able to decide to get a manicure and pedicure. Geez I need another one now since the nail color is fading once again, but anyway, so we went to Nailaholics and have ourselves pampered. The cost was a bit expensive than the other saloon but I just love the ambiance of this saloon because you can actually take a nap. Even the son of my friend was able to take a long nap there. My friend loves the color of the curtain, even the whole studio she said it is very cool to the eyes that if you are very tired, you can really close your eyes there. The music that they played can make you relax as well. Truly you would feel so light after you are done with your service. Moreover, below is the living proof that we are indeed so excited with our manicure and pedicure bonding.

 photo 998083_3474478277310_591547341_n_zps067be97c.jpg

Snag this picture of my friend’s FB. you can visit her blog here


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