Traffic At Precious

I love the school of my youngest, they said to be an International School, what I love most is that they are requiring each kid to speak in English, which is an advantage for Faith so she can speak and communicate so well to her Daddy. But going to school always takes a toll on me; they don’t have a proper parking area. Some of the vehicles just parked on the side of the road. It is very hard for me to drive through, I have to go round the area and back so I can park properly not to mention that it was hilly on the other part of the road. I tell you my sweat and fear was combined while driving yesterday. Just to think of it, I arrived there at 11:45 in the morning, I thought I have more time to sit down near at Faith’s room while waiting for their classroom to open but nope, just because of the heavy traffic yesterday on the road; Faith was late to come in. I am so tired after, but I still have to drive to go to the bank and to go to my health insurance to pay for my contribution. It was a dreading long day indeed!

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