The Friendship Did Not End At The Pool

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Now that our daughters are not swimming anymore, I and Mommy J are just meeting so seldom. We have to set an appointment first before we would see each other. She is so busy with her studies and her kids and I am busy here too. Recently was the birthday of her youngest daughter, of course they did not forget to invite us. Her daughters are a friend of my eldest, so they surely miss each other, I miss Mommy J too. Wow our friendship did not just end at the pool but it continues even outside the training. I miss her a lot and our laugh trip and yes even though we get too busy with our each life, we still get to see sometime, we just have to set a schedule.

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One Response to “The Friendship Did Not End At The Pool”

  1. Wow !! I think it is really great symbol of friendship !! I like such friendship which should not be end !! I have also friend I don’t like to break the relationship with him !!