Perfectly Suits My Size and Taste

Yes even though it is hard to admit but I must admit that I am getting bigger, the clothes that purchased back then could no longer fit to me. I am having a hard time accepting it but I could not do anything with it, I mean otherwise if I would seriously be concentrating with my work out maybe I could turn back my figure the way it used to be. I am feeling depressed seeing even my swim wear, I have to look for something that is fit to me when we had our team building. I didn’t expect that I could still look good with the plus sized bathing suits but I did, I mean you just have to be meticulous with the design and style and you could even look slimmer. I know that it would take years that I can be slim once again but no one could ever stop me going to beaches and pools since I always love water, not even now though since I could wear different styles of swim wear that is gorgeously suit my size and my taste.

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