Not A Kigurumi Anymore

Mariel will be having a pajama party, and since Kigurumi is not available here in our city, we might just gonna look pajama attire in the mall tomorrow. We supposed to do it today but I already made an appointment together with my friend to visit a subdivision. So the schedule for today is very tight. If we only knew that they will be having a pajama party, we could have ordered the Kigurumi a little bit early so the item will be delivered just before their pajama party on August 10. Now it is already too late, because the estimated shipping days will be 12 days. She is not opt to buy a match type pajama, she wanted to be different so let us see what kind she would choose. She is thinking a leggings type and a sweatshirt or a sleeveless but she should be wearing a long sleeve cloth to cover the sleeveless as school requirements.  I wish the price won’t give me a headache to my pocket.

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