Meet Up At Shakeys

It was an abrupt meet up; I guess somebody mentioned it in FB to meet up a blogger friend, we then announced it in FB. My friend also from Texas, who is also a blogger, came here for vacation. She also agreed to go with me in the mall. We ran some errands as well; I went to the telephone company to get the gadget that they are telling me about. Then we headed to the mall after, she is doing her stuff too with her bank. We met our blogger friends when we were done running our errands and we had a blast dinner at the Shakeys. Here is the picture courtesy of Mami Kat of Moms Place.

 photo 1148945_591524920897818_1532532461_n_zps7c673923.jpg

Because of too much excitement, I was not able to bring my camera; I mean I know I will have so much fun. My eldest daughter also went with me and my niece too and oh my youngest that did not care about the camera but the fried chicken that she ate. I am glad that I was able to meet once again Mami Kat and Genny and Shy with her so pretty adorable daughter, Claire with my inaanak Kaegan and cousin Jaimee.  I hope this will not be the first and the last but a beginning of a long last wonderful friendship.

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