I Did Not Kept My Promise

Yesterday night, I was not feeling well anymore but then I promised my kids that we all be going to watch “The Smurf” so even though I was not feeling after their classes, we went to the mall. However we arrived at the mall at about 3 in the afternoon because I have to run some errands for my car. I sneeze so hard and I feel dizzy when we enter the mall, I decided for us to  have some lunch first since we did not take our lunch, our order arrived  and we all shared what we have order. I asked Mj to buy me a medicine but after I took the medicine, I got totally tired that all I want to do is to sleep. I am fighting it though since I also want to keep my promised to my kids but I can’t bear it anymore. I just told Mj that I can’t do it and I am afraid that when I drive I would get too sleepy. So we decided to just went home and have the masseur massage my back for me to get a bit well. I am just so sad that I was not able to keep my promise but I hope they understand.

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