Broken Into Pieces

My car was hit by a flying stone last Wednesday, I was parking in the side of the street in Faith’s school and when I was about to run the car. I heard something that hit my window, I thought it was Faith but the last thing I glance, the window was already broken into pieces. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it. Somebody said the window was hit by a flying stone and I even asked those people outside who run over  the stone for it to hit my car. The guard called the driver right away and just my luck he was only a tricycle driver. The driver then said that he was sorry and it was merely an accident, he didn’t know there was a stone and he just ran slowly because he is following for a car. I admit it was an accident but he must pay the damage as well, I mean not paying it all but at least half of the price of the glass window. He answered me immediately that he doesn’t have money. I didn’t know what to do as well so I called the ex-owner of the car and asked some information of what to do; he told me that I could not do anything with it since it is a flying stone. We only have a TPL insurance meaning, it is not an on damage, although I could apply for it in the future.

Since I could not insist the driver, I mean I could not oblige him since he doesn’t have money. I just told him to get rid of those broken pieces inside the car, clean it all up and was done. I guess I am just too kind or just felt pity with the driver so I did not obliged him. If he only owns the car or somebody that has car that hit a stone maybe I can demand him to pay at least half of the cost but sad to say he is not. So I guess I just have to let it be.

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