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So Happy To See Them Happy

I was not feeling well today but because I need to send Mj to Kumon, I can’t do anything but to go out with them. Mariel and Moreen has to go to with their friends, I just let them since the downtown has many activities that they can watch. This only happens once a year so giving them the freedom sometimes could not be a burden to all of us. I hope they remain a good girl even I am not with them. Anyway I just told Mj that once she is done, I will just meet her in SM, so we can watch the Smurf as I promised. I thought she will finished the session for a bit longer so I drag Faith to Zoofari but then just when we are about to enter, Mj is already done and she was ready to meet us in SM. I know I can’t drag Faith outside, I just told Mj to be with Faith there inside.

Mj did not like the idea, I mean she is already a teenager and she is inside the playground but she can’t say no to her little sister, so they went inside while Faith is running around, Mj also would chase after her. Sometimes they would play monster chasing a kid and the monster is Faith and she would chase her Ate Mj. I guess they both have fun that Mj did not mind being a kid like her youngest sister again. I am just there watching them playing, oh how I so love both of them. I wish I can give them all their dreams.

 photo 1014353_10201411264219662_1117115322_n_zps057cd97b.jpg

When they went out of Zoofari, Mj looked forward for us to watch a movie, we dined yet since they are also starving but when we were done it was already passed 7 in the evening and it would be too late if we still watch a movie. Sad to say but I didn’t kept my promise again. Sigh!

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