Pajama Attire, Done

It is holiday today and obviously the kids do not have class. My sister went here for laundry, she was not able to come here last Wednesday because of the bad weather and it is only today that the sun shines bright; it is good to hang some clothes outside because it will be easily dried up. So since my sister is here we can leave Faith with her while we go out in the mall to grocery shop and to also buy Mariel a top for her pajama. I really don’t know if she chooses last Wednesday can be fit to a Pajama Party. Oh well, it is her decision not mine and she is the one who would wear that in the Pajama Party/Acquaintance Party. Really, me to had a hard time determining of what the school wants for Pajama Party as there were many requirements obviously since it is a Catholic School, no sleeveless tops allowed and a short.

We went to the same store where she got her pants; she was able to pick a sweatshirt type and geez while roaming around as well. I was able to spot a nice blouse for me. So I tried the color green and orange, Mariel suggested picking the orange one. We went out in the store to try to look for more tops, but the one that we went to have a very expensive of clothing, we went back there to pick up the orange sweatshirt instead. She is worried though that those will not be allowed. I just keep quiet because I really don’t think so that the one she chooses is pajama attire. Right after she picked those stuffs, we went to the grocery store for shopping.

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