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Selfie Time

There are times that I love taking pictures of myself especially when I am in the mood of doing so, believe me when I had my first digital camera, almost every day I would take a picture of myself or of my daughter or of my family. And it went more when I started blogging but lately even though I have my new camera, there are only seldom that I take picture, maybe because it is bulky, and I could not carry it anywhere. However, just recently I was able to own a tablet; it is handy so I can just put it in my bag. I was inspired again to take picture and to take myself not one but two. I will show you two pictures that I took from my tablet. I know this inspiration would pass so I have to make the use of it.

 photo 1005439_10201236937061592_1446268585_n_zpsbe9103d7.jpg

This picture was cropped, I was with my daughter and we took lunch at the restaurant near Faith’s school. There were lots of people at the back so I decided to crop it.

 photo 998198_10201260144281758_449849231_n_zpsf47065af.jpg

It’s too hot and muggy at Faith’s school so instead of waiting there, I would drive to the nearest mall to freshen up. This one was taken at Goldilocks while as usual eating lunch but this time I was alone.

Both pictures were edited; ah look how the technologies can even do with our pictures.


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