Locksmith For My Car Today

I went to the locksmith today for the door of my car has to be fix, it has been a while that I promised sporty, the name of my car that I will fix him but I always set it aside due to some priorities. I also messaged my friend if I could meet her at lunch since it also has been a while that I haven’t seen her. We had a nice lunch while I left the car at the locksmith, they said it will be fix for a short while, I guess they are really expert on that. Anyway, it is also my friend who recommended me to them so I trusted their work. We had a nice talk and we agreed to meet up again on Yuna’s birthday, she will celebrate it in Forest Hill, yes we will have pool party once again. I miss the kids and Mj miss them too. Too bad that we had to end up our conversation for the day since my friend has a class to attend to and I have to fetch Faith as well. I will be late if I will not get up my butt and drive to Faith’s school; I hope she can get a star today so I will treat her for rides in SM.

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