Thank GOD It’s Friday

Thank GOD it is Friday!

Today is the last day of the week that I got busy in our little tiny kitchen to prepare foods and feed my youngest for school. And today, I learned that Faith would go home early. Even though they will go out early from their classroom, I went to the gasoline station for the check-up of the car; I was worried if there’s leaking and all that. But they confirmed they didn’t see anything.

I just went to SM for lunch and then went back at school. I am so happy that Faith behaved so well so the ground was lift up. She showed me the star and immediately we put it to her notebook. She was so happy to know that she can watch TV, play in the computer, watch the movie in the DVD player and can also play in the cell phone. It was a good Friday for all of us; I prepared a nice dinner for the kids.

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