Sunday Swimming In The Clubhouse

My sister invited us to go swimming in the club house. It was so muggy the whole day and so having fun in the pool could help us freshen up. And I am not so feeling well today got a back pain from cleaning two rooms in two consecutive days. I need some water to make me back to normal. What I like of our club house here is the pool have covered and so we won’t be dreading under the heat of the sun. Just so thankful that the one who is handling the club house was able to get this idea to put up a cover. The one who are most excited about this pool swimming are my kids of course, who else. Faith wore her favorite swimming attire right away after she heard that we will be going out in the pool, Mj immediately look for her swimming get up. I know she missed swimming so much but she just can’t go back like and she knows it as well. There was a party going on when we arrived at the club house, unfortunately we were not included with the big party, my sister said so. She didn’t know those people in the party. It was a sigh because we were ready to attack the foods that we smell when we passed by. Although we were drooling with the foods, we still enjoyed swimming especially when I saw my youngest daughter swam by herself, I will put show you the video in the next post. Her swimming summer class is all worth it because she finally can swim.

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