Pre-Op Today

Today is my husband first pre-op for his eyes, they will be telling him of the procedure for the laser, I don’t know what to expect but I am hoping for the best. At first I don’t understand of his eyes condition, so I researched it online. A floater is something you can see in your eye but it is not actually there. Uhmm confusing right? Oh well I was too, so don’t worry until one morning, when I went to the bathroom I seen something in my eyes, it was like a black spot, actually it looks like a 3D, so I followed it, it would go away but it is there. Yes I also have a floater it is so small though that if I won’t focus on it, I could not see it. Unlike with my husband it is big, it is like a strand of a hair and it is big. The Doctor required him of laser surgery, so we don’t have any choice but to go back because if he will do it here, it would cost us a fortune. If he will go back in the states, it will only cost him like $12.00 because the insurance will cover up his expenses for him. I hope and praying that the operation will be successful and I could see my husband again later this year.

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