On Their Nutrition Day And We Were Late!

I always drive my youngest daughter from home to school, I already calculate the time until what time I should shut down the computer and so I could attend her, preparing her for school. I know it was still early when I woke her up this morning. And I was pretty sure that we finished our stuff so early if only I found the keys right away upon going out in the house, we could haven’t been late at school.

I put all her stuffs for making a fruit salad in her bag, but when I was driving real fast, I just remember that the condensed milk was still in the freezer and I did not take it out. The teacher also required us to bring a table mat and I forgot to buy one for her, it was already like 10 minutes to go and she will be late but we still dropped by at a grocery store on the way to school. From picking the items to the cashier took us 5 minutes already, so I know we were already late. Faith was so funny though because she really running very fast and told everyone in the store that we are already late.

Driving to school could be draining as well but to the fact that I am able to check my daughter and see her every now and then, the tiring part is all worth it. My youngest daughter also understands that when she is in the car, she should behave and when she’s already at school she should listen to her teacher. I am able to witness her changes every day, she is also becoming independent. When I fetched her today at school, I saw her fixing her things and put it in her bag. I am just so proud that she is really concentrating now at school, as she said she is not a baby anymore but a kid.

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