On The Day We Sent Daddy To The Airport

My husband and I had a chance to go out alone before we sent him to the airport. It was a sad day for me and for the kids because daddy will have to take off soon. After we went out to the mall, we headed to the house right away to spend time with our kids. Faith was waiting in the house, they talked a little. Daddy has to talk to her because she has been bugging her to bring her to Daddy’s home. Faith even asked her if he would leave us and Daddy said no he will just have to go to work and be back after two months and maybe if she is good, Daddy will bring her an I phone. Faith’s eyes grew big and inserted an I pad too? And Daddy said maybe a house, then Faith said again and I phone and I pad too. We were all weary when we have to send Daddy to the airport, Faith doesn’t have any idea yet that Daddy has to go the plane alone, until he really went inside the departure area. Faith cried the whole time, until we reach the car that Daddy has to call us there to pacify Faith. Mariel and Mj tried their best to have Faith calm, we let her borrowed my phone to divert her attention and thank GOD it worked. When Daddy called me from Manila, I can’t help but to cry I know it is just a matter of two months and he will be back, I am praying and hoping we will be together again this year.

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