Laser Went Fine

The laser surgery went fine according to my husband, it was so painful at first that he could not be online because it hurts big time. The Doctor gave him a medicine for his pain to settle. He was online for few minutes then he went offline to rest. He will have his appointment last week of this month, I hope he is okay and so he can already book his flight once again to here. It would hurt him from time to time but not much, it is something that he can bear. He sent me a video of how it would be corrected but the video contents of a real surgery and not the laser one. I could not watch it; it explains there how they would correct the eyes with a floater. The floater of my husband is still there but it is not that visible already. I miss my husband, and he misses us as well. He miss hearing the laugh of Faith and of her being kulit. I am so excited of us being together once again and it would be a little longer now.

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