It Helps Her Getting Rid Of Those

The hair re-bonding helped also my niece to get rid of those lice, I already been suspecting that she had because my eldest daughter started scratching her head since she moved into this house. One of my reasons also of paying the hair make over for her is those lice; I know she is just so shy to tell me that she had lice. Her hair is so curly and so thickĀ as well so it is really hard to get rid those head biters away. I was right because after putting the chemicals, first apply on her head, when she washed it after an hour, many lice were dropped in the bathroom floor and we also found so many nits hanging on her hair although they were all dead but I was pretty sure that it was once alive just before applying the re-bonding chemicals.

Now from being too curly, she has a very straight here now. I was not concerned if she was too curly I was concerned of the nits and those lice on her head, it is very contagious you know. But anyway, at least she is very happy now with the come up of her hair, I thought her Mom would react but nope she appreciates the straight hair instead.

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