I Had A Long Day Today

It is still the first day of the week and yet I am already too busy.

Who wouldn’t get tired? At 10 in the morning today, the school of my eldest daughter message me that I need to fetch her because of a fever. And so I and Faith went there to fetch her up, they advised me to have a check-up on her for assurance of her health. We need to wait for Faith to finish her school so I could send both of them to their Paediatrician for check-up since Faith also had a cough and colds although she doesn’t have a fever yet I guess it is better for her to get a check-up too. When we arrived home Mj became weaker, she slept right away after dinner and after she took her medicine. Her allergy went down after she took a medicine for allergy at the clinic. I had a long day; waiting for our turn to the clinic is not fun at all. But good thing Faith this time can behave and just watch TV, she would get hyper but I can already control her.

At night I have to sleep beside Mj to monitor her fever, I was really worried that I need to get up every now and then to check her temperature. Faith has to sleep with Mariel but she doesn’t like to, so I have to lie down with her and I will┬ájust transfer her when she is already fast asleep. I hope this is nothing; I mean it is not that fever that I am always scared of. I really have to pick some Tawa-Tawa in the neighborhood tomorrow to ensure that she will be okay.

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