Half Of The Original Price

It has been days that I am window shopping for sandals, or flip flops or shoes but I could not find one that is very comfortable to me. If they have it on the display the budget is out of hand too. The other day when I dropped Faith to school, my other shoes almost gave up and since I have to pay our Sky Cable bill to the mall, I quickly glance at some shoes in the department store but I could not find what I like. I don’t want to just buy because my shoes were almost given up. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes this time without rushing things, I have done that before and even I just wear it seldom, mostly on Sundays I am still uneasy wearing that sandal.

And I could not wear a high heeled sandal in school everyday. Yeah, I bought that shoes when I was working a month ago, I just purchase that sandal because my shoes that I wore that night got soaked in a flood. And I could not wear that the whole night of my shift, aside from the entire floor was cold because of the high volume of the aircon, it could give an odor to my feet because of the water that gets into my shoes.

Since I am only going to school everyday with my youngest daughter, a flip flops or any semi sandals flip flops would be very comfortable. So I used my spare time while Faith is at school to look for comfortable sandals, maybe an elevated sandals but it’s easy to carry. I know there are some brands that even the shoe is elevated, it is not heavy to walk at all. I went to Celine and meticulously look at their display, it was the right time because they are on sale, half of the price and I know I need to grab the chance. And thank goodness, I found the right size for me, and it is the pair of sandals below:

 photo HPIM0850_zps1abf48bf.jpg

Yes, it is still elevated but it is just light, it seems like it is not elevated at all. And the most important part of these sandals is the discount price, I only purchase it half of the original price. Isn’t it a great finds? I am not sure though if they are still on sale until now, but you may want to try if you like.

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