Together Again!

I and she had been together since I was still working in one of the malls here in the city; it was in the year 2000 that we know each other.  We worked as a customer service here in the mall. So it was like from that year until today, we had been friends like 13 or 14 years already.

But friends could also get some fights, I guess; it was last year that we not really fought but merely misunderstanding. It was like totally shut down, we didn’t talked nor chat and it went like months. I told myself that I can go on with my life without her; I mean yeah it hurts but I just ignored it. That time, I have surrounded with more friends here and I was blinded by my false thoughts that she didn’t care at all. It was my fault that it went that way; I guess I was the one who didn’t care at all. Months passed by something happened; it was like somebody pokes a hammer on my head that I suddenly miss her. I sent a message on her in FB but I got no reply, months again passed and I messaged her again and this time I said sorry. I just miss her a lot and our friendship. It is really true that friendship do not just stop there because even though you tried to let go, you know within yourself you can’t let go. Our friendship rooted enough that even we didn’t seen each other; it stood under the test of time.

This is my first time that I wrote it here, in fact no one knows that we had a silent fight, I mean I guess one or two knew and I am so thankful that they respected it and I could not contain my happiness when she finally messaged me back. I miss my inaanak her son, geez I could still remember that I was the one who spoiled him being carried in my arms. Now we are back and mostly our friendship, I have learned my lesson and this is not to just let go of those friends who are always there for you no matter what.

Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow

And I always thank you for caring so much about me and our friendship, thank you Mare for not letting go.

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