When I Could Not Remember At All

I know I keep on forgetting things but I didn’t expect I am horrible already until I work in a call center agent again. A new found friend noticed my being so forgetful that she always reminded me what else to open when I have to prepare my tools. There was even an incident that she had pointed me to the screen yet where could I see a country when I have to confirm the details of the transaction.

One day she was able to watch a drama series in TV, said the woman there have an Alzheimer’s disease at 25. Yes too young to have that kind of disease, and my friend told me I might have too, or just starting since my head at that time kept on aching. The pain would start at the back of my neck then it will go up. I am not sure what to respond but she said I should go to a doctor and have me checked. She even kid me to drink milk for memory gap.

Now that I resigned from work, although I don’t feel pain in my head at night, I am still worried. What if a time will come that I can no longer remember. I mean we forget things especially when we are getting older, but I hope if I would really forget all the things, I am already old and so the kids could stand in their own. I hope they would take care of me if the time would come that I could not remember at all.

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