Vain For Massage Once I Pass

I made a promise to myself that once I will pass the certification, I will treat myself in special package in Metro Lifestyle I hope I could share it with my husband when that happen. Father’s Day is fast approaching and we are still trying  to work out his flight this month. He is sure this time though that he can make it I hope it would fall on Father’s Day or at least before that. I don’t want to expect anymore but I am still hoping that we can be together before it’s too late. So far I still like to be busy going to work at night, even though sometimes it is raining on my way to my work. Just like yesterday, I have to take a taxi cab because it is raining so hard and yet when I tried to find one, taxis are not available oh well they said that taxis are also hiding during rainy season as they don’t want to get swamped in the flood. I have waited for like 30 minutes just for me to get on a jeepney because even jeepneys are not available in the long cold rainy night.

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