Sleeping Together

I always love taking pictures of my youngest daughter and her Daddy while they are sleeping. They look both so cute while they are sleeping, and I can’t help taking a pictures of them.

This was taken like 5 years ago, Daddy is taking a nap and Faith joined her and was deep asleep. I guess they both enjoy their laland at this moment while I enjoyed myself taking picture of them.

 photo DSCI2208_zpsc6dc0b13.jpg

In the second picture was during the preparation of my wedding. I was the one who woke up before these two, Daddy is I guess reading a book while trying to put Faith to sleep at night.

 photo Picture126_zpsd6d8ee6e.jpg

The third picture is the recent this year, I came from work and I found them both sleeping so deep in the bed. Look how cute Faith was while cuddling with her Daddy.

 photo HPIM0748_zps7e71dbfc.jpg

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