It Is But All Important

Whew it is Friday and it’s my off but I can’t help to be just so sleeping at home. I wanted to go out to go in the mall but I just went there for like a minute then went home right away. Mj still doesn’t have school yet; my niece Moreen is bridging at school for her college and Mariel is also at home just doing her stuff in her games in the computer. Mj and I went out for like a minute to buy her some school materials, good thing she was okay with not buying her a new shoes since she bought one pair last November and it was not busted yet. We bought her a new bag and notebooks and all the requirements at school. I got her uniform today and it was so nice, she was so happy when I showed it to her. She told me though that she likes to modify some areas but I did not agree. Good thing she followed. My goodness, my expenses this month is not fun at all I am spending beyond the limits oh well I have no choice, it is not that things that are not necessary, it is but all important.

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