Compensated Myself

Its Friday and it’s my night off, remember I have promised myself that once I get certified I will have to pamper myself with body massage, body scrub and all that. After we looked for a car to buy perhaps, I dragged my husband to Metro Lifestyle. We got the package it was like steamed bath, foot spa, goat milk soaked in a bath tub, body scrub and finally body massage. After the body massage, I asked the staff if we can sleep for like few minutes since I am really already very sleepy. It has been days that I didn’t have the proper sleeping hours because I worked at night time. When the staff woke us up I even exclaimed that I had a nice sleep. My┬áhusband laughed at me who also slept in the other bed. Even at the taxi cab I still continued to sleep, even when we dropped by at the Dexter’s Pizza I still slept while waiting for it served. Until I got home, I slept.

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