Not Resolving

The Eye Crafter texted me to inform me that the Eyeglass of my husband is already available for pick up. We could have gone their yesterday but we just choose today to go at the place. What I didn’t like this mall is the hilly parking area, it is hard to go up and up to look for parking space anyway I survived with the ordeal though. I didn’t find it hard to go up at all unlike with the other car. My husband withdraw some money immediately so we can get the glasses right away, when he tried it the left eye is resolving fast but not the other one. I asked him if he would like to take it back to adjust but the lady in charge said it could be a week or two for my husband to adjust. So we have to give it sometime, my husband agreed with it. He wears it sometime here at home for him to get used to it but nothing change. I hope when he gets back to the states, he will get used with the glasses, so we don’t have to go back there this September to make an adjustment.

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