Got Sluggish

And so our picnic last May 26 went fine, although when I and the kids arrived at the pool we got hungry since we did not eat our breakfast at home. I was able to find a restaurant for us, the price is not worthy but it was okay. We arrived there early so we have to wait for them at the cottage. My youngest wanted to splash right away in the pool but I was able to hold on to her. It was not a good idea to just wait for the foods that the company provided us for because we ended up having our saliva slipped in our mouth when we saw those foods in the nearby cottages. We could have agreed to bring our own food before the picnic. And so to those workmates who did not arrive yet, we asked them to buy some junk foods outside or grilled chicken so we have foods we could munch while waiting at 12 noon for our lunch to arrive. Some went home early as they still have duty to attend that night. Early in the morning, we tried to have some pose with some of my wave mates 22.

 photo HPIM0598_zpsf2ad5379.jpg

My wave mates who became my friends at the call floor.

I don’t know what happen to me but I suddenly got sluggish in taking pictures recently. Believe it or not, if I have tons of pictures whenever we have getaway from last years now I suddenly didn’t have the energy to do it at all. I need some inspirations I know but hopefully I will be able to cope these things up and I will be back to being creative and well driven for any adventures in taking pictures.

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My friends and I at D Leonor

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