School Requirements

The summer class is almost over; I already enrolled the kids to their school except for my niece since we have to wait for her summer class to be really over. Right now, she is very busy with her project to be done so she can submit it just before the deadline. The schools already sent me the requirements that I have to buy in the upcoming school year. Geez I just done with my not so funny expenses last month, now I think I would face again another bulk expenses because the school supplies nowadays are very expensive. Mj is already looking for a bag that she want to buy, one of her choices are COSE and HEARTSTRING bags, as they are very durable. I mean we already tried the Heartstring and it really lasts until the school year ends and even beyond. We bought the Heartstring bag in Manila when we were there for her competition and now since we did not went to Manila; we have to suit ourselves that our city shopping malls can offer. I am thinking Jansport though but let’s see.

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