Celebrates Our First Salary

This is our first salary and so together with our trainer and some of my team mates went to a restaurant to celebrate our day first to receive the salary. We waited for a while for our trainer to finish her schedule then we off to go. Some of our workmates didn’t come since it was already late for them and they have to wake up yet early the next morning. I was already so sleepy too but this is our last day to be with our trainer because on Monday he will start another batch of trainees. We had a good time though we were already hungry when we started our dinner, we didn’t that while we enjoyed our meal there, one accident happened near our place. No injuries were broadcasted but a big truck fell on the highway that resulted to a heavy traffic. My niece arrived home very late even she went out early from school. Good thing that when we passed by it, it was already put aside so no traffic when I went home.

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