A Thought For Our Certification

Our non-bearing went fine although I struggle but it went fine. I never thought that the AHT could be as important as this because when I was working in a call center before, passing for it is not as vital compared now. I mean it is part of the call process but if you can’t be able pass your AHT it is okay but if you will be able to do your AHT right, you will be given a commendation. Many of us got worried with this flow though; I mean we have a QA to think of and to pass as well. My friend is very aggressive about it; she has this goal that in two weeks she should pass all the requirements for certification. Good for her but me? I still did not think about passing, I am tired of my day to day struggles, I might pass after 6 weeks, the last week of my certification or maybe can’t pass it at all, what do you think?

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