One Cup Coffee Makers

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Tired of dealing with all the hassles of making coffee – the messy pots, the coffee grounds, the flimsy filters and the burned coffee are just a few of the annoying things about making coffee at home. Plus there’s so much waste – you brew a pot of coffee and then have just a cup or two and it’s time to head out the door or off to a meeting; when you return the coffee is burned and bitter from sitting on the warming plate too long and you end up tossing it. Or maybe you’ve just brewed a pot of regular coffee and someone wants decaffeinated so you have to dump it out and start all over again – so tedious and wasteful.

The good news is there are some great options for enjoying freshly brewed coffee by the cup and they don’t require a trip to a fancy coffee shop, swanky café or corner convenience store. With a single serve on demand brewing systems you can make one fresh cup of hot and flavorful coffee at a time, just the way you like it. On demand coffee systems use individual coffee packets, pods or discs – there are many different formats and K-Cups® are perhaps the most popular. To make coffee you simply take a cup, glass or mug and place it under the brewing port, select a coffee insert and press a button – the machine brews a perfect cup in one minute or less.

Once you invest in a one cup coffee maker you will wonder how you ever made do without one. They are super fast and easy to use and so convenient which is probably why you often see them in professional settings like hair salons, car dealerships and small offices.

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