He Is Worried With My AHT

Our work is very stressful as we have to hit our AHT and mine was too high, it was not even passed with the average. I am really having a hard time with it, I mean the system is all new to me and even though some other said that it is a non-bearing week and we don’t have to worry yet I still worry. I already told my husband about it although she want to know the whole details, I told him to not worry if I can’t get endorse, I can look for another job. He is worried maybe because we really don’t earn much this year as he already retired from work and I have so many expenses yet we need to think.

While he is there, we also could not save because he also has expenses of his own. To tell you I get stocked and I feel like I am not moving forward at all. I have so many things I wanna ask why these things happen and why we are still not together but I know he will not tell me anything and I left wondering again. I am tired though but I am standing still for my kids. And I will never give until the fate will give up on us.

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