Non-Bearing Week

Today is the first day of our non-bearing; I will go out early so I will not be late. I already grocery shop for foods to stock in the freezer though while Mj was doing her guitar session. I always told Mariel to check all the locks before they sleep. My other niece Moreen decided to stay at night so they have a companion, which I was glad about. I have nothing much to say today except that I had so much fun yesterday for Mother’s Day because My husband and kids was able to surprised me with flowers and a cake. I appreciated the effort of my husband, which made me think maybe he still loves me and all the speculations about him is wrong. I still don’t know though when could we be together as he is still sick and I don’t know when would he be healthy once again so he can booked a flight to come here. I mean I hope this time it’s true and with an E-ticket.

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