Or I Would Ruin Everything

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and since I was not able to take the kids to Italianis last weekend, I guess this time would be the right time. When I arrived home today, I asked my husband if he could give me some money so I can treat the kids. Later he told me to also give a thousand bucks to Mj because she will buy something. I didn’t know what is it about, all I know is that I shall not ask about it otherwise I will ruin everything. So I obeyed and did not ask anything when I gave Mj the money tonight when I went home, I went home late because our trainer is asking if we could hang out tonight since this will be the last day that we will be together. Next week, our trainer will be having another class and he has to let us go, we will have our non-bearing calls by next week, so more practice this time especially with our AHT. I am not sure how long could I make it, I will just have to try this; if I will not be endorsed maybe just maybe I would look for another job once again.

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