Graduation Day From The Training

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We held our graduation at the house of one of our workmates, we had our barbecue party at their house, and the pork grilled really tasted so good. I brought Mj with me and she too enjoyed the party so much. The party ended at 9:00 p.m., oh well some left at the house to finish the drinks. But Mj and I have to go home soon since it is already too late, and Faith is waiting for us at home. I didn’t expect I can pass the training, and the mac calls, I mean yesterday is our last day and final mac calls but we were wondering why our trainer did not ask us to get ready, his mac calls supposedly would start in the morning. The morning passed yet he was still enjoying making fun of us and we were also scheduled for QA talks, which lasted long. In the afternoon he gave us a test that lasted also like hours, and if we would take mac calls, he should start in the morning. Later he told us that he will not do mac calls anymore so we can prepare for our party. We were like floating in the air when he told us the great news, every one of us smiled big time when we heard it.


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