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A Thought For Our Certification

Our non-bearing went fine although I struggle but it went fine. I never thought that the AHT could be as important as this because when I was working in a call center before, passing for it is not as vital compared now. I mean it is part of the call process but if you can’t be able pass your AHT it is okay but if you will be able to do your AHT right, you will be given a commendation. Many of us got worried with this flow though; I mean we have a QA to think of and to pass as well. My friend is very aggressive about it; she has this goal that in two weeks she should pass all the requirements for certification. Good for her but me? I still did not think about passing, I am tired of my day to day struggles, I might pass after 6 weeks, the last week of my certification or maybe can’t pass it at all, what do you think?

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Picnic Is Fun Yesterday

We had a blast yesterday during our Picnic at D’ Leonor that we went home almost 6:00 p.m., already. It is so tiring but at least my kids enjoyed it especially Mj and Faith, we haven’t gone away for getaway this summer so at least before this month’s end they were able to swim and had fun in the pool. When we went home, and our time for dinner we just ordered some ready foods nearby. And since I have to work the next day I grabbed Faith immediately to our bed so we could sleep early. I just talked to my husband a little bit about stuff then I asked him if we could go to bed early, he have to do something else so he said yes. Tomorrow is a new day for all of us here, nesting and certification at work will be on our way.

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Her Idea

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When my eldest daughter handed me a flower on Mother’s day, my youngest was giggling and so opened this idea. And that is to take a picture of me with her pretending that she was the one handed me the flower. I must say, she is a real actress in the family. LOL I have to say thanks to my husband for conniving Mj to hand me a flower secretly on Mother’s Day.


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Picnic in Two Days

Its¬†2 days to go and our work will be having a picnic at the D’Leonor. We really didn’t have a getaway this summer, so I will be grabbing this chance to take the kids to the place. We haven’t visited the place before because we learned that it is very expensive, so I have to grab this opportunity since it is free. D ‘Leonor is the wave pool located before at Matina, it has a different name but as what I heard they had some issues with the business permit so they have to close it and transfer to another location. Now it is too far from where we live, too bad this is also one of the reasons why we were not able to visit the place again, on the other hand as I said it is free now so even though it is far, I am sure the kids will enjoy the pool especially my¬†youngest.

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