Requirements Done

Thank GOD that I finally done with my requirements, I just have to go to BIR to inquire about my TIN status, because what I have here is when I am single yet. After that, I will be looking for some slacks or a pair of jeans or sandals to be wear during training. I am with Mj this time; we will have bonding together that’s for sure at least before I’ll start my work. I know it is hard to work at night especially when you know you will leave your kids at home and I am thankful that Mariel my niece is there to attend to them and to be with them when I am working but I have to work, I feel the need to work this time to help my husband of our expenses here. My husband does not work anymore and yet he is still not with us, he has to attend some things there before he can come here and I don’t know when he will come to be with us. He is still there though, we chat everyday and he is still supporting us. But I just can’t sit here and do nothing, even my husband does not say anything I know and I think I really have to work.

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