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Toxic And I Deserve A Treat

It’s Friday, geez I can’t believe how time flies so fast. After the training earlier, after I went to pay my dentist for my balance I went to Montora to have myself pampered this time. Yeah I guess I needed to have a nail make over, it has been a while since I have my nail art so I told them what I like and when the in-charge was cleaning my nails, I feel asleep on their couch even how loud their TV was I slept so sound. I must be very so tired from the training, it was so stressful, not stressful because of our trainer but I was stressed because I got nervous when it was my turn for the simulations. I passed again though, thanks to him because he considers my situation even the first part of the call, I did not serve the customer properly because I got lost with the system. Anyway yes I still passed so I deserve a treat!

I had been longing to have the shoes like nail art so I choose that, I guess I slept like an hour. I felt so relieved and relax when they started my nail art. What a life! How I wish my life could be as relax as this everyday but of course I know every day we have to struggle to be alive. Right after the nail make over, I went to walk for a while until I passed by at these vendors on the side of the street; they are selling some nice bags that I can’t help but to buy one champ bag for me. I’ll be using it when I go out every Saturday and I need to bring many things.

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