The Kids And Us On Saturday

 photo f54a1903-ce1d-413d-aaf4-d37612a96f04_zps23ad285f.jpg

My friend and I supposed to see each other last Thursday but I did not pursue it because I was so tired from work and I need to fetch Mj yet in Kumon but today when I messaged her if where she is  she told that she and her kids are in the mall. So since Mj missed her friends as well, we went to the mall immediately to meet them. I saw them at one of the store picking some things up for the kids; Mj right away hugged her friends and giggles. It has been a while since they didn’t see each other.

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Right after they went shopping, we roamed around a little while the kids had fun in the World of Fun, and then we went to Zabadani to have our dinner. We ended up talking and eating around 8:00 in the night already. We went home so full and happy.

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