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Christening Celebration Last Sunday

Last Sunday, I hurriedly woke the kids up early in the morning because we were invited again to attend a Christening party of my friend. Her son will have the Christening celebration at home, so after we went to church and after we bought a gift for the celebrant, we went to their house right away. We arrive late already because the mass starts at twelve noon, then we dropped by yet in the mall nearby to buy a gift. So obviously, there will be no much foods in the table, good thing the spaghetti, my daughters favorite is still there, and some of the lechon as well. One of our friends came late too, so we shared what was left on the table. After we ate our late lunch, we gather together in the living to sing, they have a karaoke with some of our favorite song. Mj stood up to take us some pictures.

I am just so tired when we went home after because I have to always carry Faith on my lap otherwise she will run and run around the house. She is also fascinated with the baby, I am worried if she would hurt him because she is so into him although I know she won’t do such a thing, she’s a sweet kid and to hurt babies is a no no to her. She adored kids so much, and I believe she will not do anything to harm babies; I am just stopping her to get near too much to the baby for safety.

I have to thank again my daughter Mj for taking the picture. Even though she was eagerly to go back home because Faith is annoying already, she still patiently waited for me. She also got bored because she could not see anyone of her age inside the house. She wanted to go at my sister’s house that lives few blocks away but I did not allowed her.

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