Finally Secured The BIR Forms

I thought I am already done with my requirements for work but yeah I didn’t realize I really have to get the 1905 form in BIR and have it stamped.

The other night, me and a newly found friend texted each other for the training and that we were wondering why we didn’t have received any messaged yet. I just told her that we might get some message next week, later the HR messaged us that we have an orientation the next day at 10:00 a.m., that was yesterday. Before I went out, I checked all my requirements and brought the originals in a hurry. I was almost late; I mean I was already late!

The orientation was just two hours; it was only introducing yourself, myself and then the clarification for the requirements. Some already submitted their requirements, some were partial yet and some would submit on the 15th. I thought I will just get form 2305, which is the change of status but one workmate said I still have to get the form 1905 to transfer my RDO from here to Makati; I just have to know the new RDO of the company. The old RDO is already stored in BIR.

After settling my BIR, I went to City Hall to have the notarized letter signed and marked. We were told it was only P50.00 but when I got there, the guy who accommodated me said it was P100.00. I was tired and I want to go to the mall right away so I did not complain at all, I want it to have my requirements done once and for all. So I’ll be ready on Monday.

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