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I’ll Be Getting A Credit Card Once I Get In

The first thing that came up in my mind when I was hired again to work is to get a credit card for myself to be used during emergencies and travels. When I was still working in CCT, someone offered me to get a credit card because I simply doesn’t like it, because I know I would tempt to shop over and over without me noticing my credits. I don’t like to be caught in the middle of so many bills every month and later I could not attend it all. So I just ignore the idea, and besides I thought I could travel when I saved but later I found out I can’t because the money that I would save for my travel will just go other things. So I guess, it is better to have a credit card therefore I could travel too and I might get some points and travel for free, who knows they would offer that in the airlines. Mostly, I will be using the credit card when I have no cash on hand, and I’ll make sure I could pay it before the due date to avoid penalties and interest.

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