When The Other Half Is Not There To Help You: Man’s Talk About Hosting A Party

Women or mothers are the one who always prepare for the parties of their children while men or the fathers are just there to give money or support of whatever their partners store for them. But what if you are a single Dad and your kid is with you so you don’t have choice but to prepare¬†yourself the first birthday celebration of your baby. Here are some of the tips.

  • Go To Other Parties: Yes, you have to go to other parties and so they would also go to your party. Remember a party is not a party if there are no visitors or guests to celebrate the birthday party of your kid. And while you are attending their party, while the pictures taking is everywhere, this is also your chance to scout ideas from the host, you can also inquire or get business cards from the team who entertained the party, suppliers of loot bags or some sorts and so to get better budget for your own.
  • Always Watch Your Budget: There are many loot bags that you can buy in the market like for us here in Davao at DCLA, you would get more giveaways by fair amount that is within your budget.
  • Get A Good Caterer But Still Within Your Budget: If there’s no good cook in the family you can hire a caterer, make a canvass for restaurants that cater a party then compare. Whichever is cheaper but has the perfect taste of foods then go for it, remember some guests could always remember the foods or how great the food was and since it is a birthday party, always prepare hotdogs with marshmallows in the tip of the stick and spaghetti as they are the much seller in the party.

These are the three steps yet; I will gather some more tips on the next post. CIAO!

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