Memories In The Airport

When we see airports it means goodbye but not with my friend Cheryl as I told her this is not at all goodbye but see you soon. Yes, I definitely hate goodbye it gives me tears and heartaches but as I said even though I was teary eyed when she left for Texas, I am as well happy for her. The picture below was the family of Cheryl, plus of course her, me and Xcylc, the baby girl in the group when we were still working in CCT.

 photo 64162_10200402927868537_806357979_n_zpsb82cb8e8.jpg

And here I am, taking the solo pictures, I love the brightness in the background I looked like I am blooming or maybe because I just got up and it was morning and so I looked fresh. LOL

 photo 215399_10200402931508628_1684218193_n_zps2b0c88b3.jpg

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