I Gave In For Our Little Bonding

Faith was whining when she learned that I will go out to pay my bills, she even asked my sister when she was in the bathroom taking a bath, are they staying? My sister jokingly answered, oh they already went out. Then that was the start of her bugging me that she wanted to go out with me, she didn’t stopped until I gave in. So after I sent Mj to the school for their graduation practice again, Faith and I went to the mall together. It was nice because she didn’t choose the carousel this time but the train, oh well after I paid the Internet and the Sky Cable, she wanted to ride before I paid those but I told her that she has to wait and then she obeyed. After we enjoyed riding on the train, we went to MCDonald, to have our snack, she ordered  as usual her favorite spaghetti and chicken and I ordered the burger. I gave her some of my burger and I am glad she ate it because usually she doesn’t like the taste of the burger. This time we just took a jeepney going back and forth, I was happy that she was behave the whole time, I went home tired so I went to bed and took a nap while she watched her favorite program in Disney Junior.

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